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The Summer Intensive in Business English (SIBE)

Precision Learning has proudly partnered with Rutgers Business School to provide students with the important opportunity to enroll in the Summer Intensive in Business English (SIBE), Precision Learning’s proprietary immersive Business English and Leadership Development training program built for the summer session.

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Emotional Intelligence

Among the qualities of emotionally intelligent individuals is personal emotional awareness, the capacity to harness one’s emotions and channel them toward tasks such as reflection and problem solving, and the capacity to manage other’s emotions.

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Business and Professional English Training

An exceptional Business English program, which varies significantly from a traditional ESL track, must help to prepare non-native English speakers for success in their academic and professional careers.

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Diversity Awareness and Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is the capacity to communicate and establish relationships effectively with people of different cultures. Establishing such competence is a gradual process that requires commitment to mutual respect and understanding.

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Career Networking and Professional Development

Quality networking techniques can help to vastly develop one’s career or grow a business. Networking is an acquired skill, and is undoubtedly not restricted by the extrovert vs. introvert dynamic.

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Interview Skills

To carry out an exceptional interview, one must know how to bring one’s personality to the surface, practice, research, master S.T.A.R. formation, stay concise and relevant, ask questions, and know how to follow up.

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Resume Writing

The average resume gets about six seconds of review time from a hiring manager before a preliminary decision is made. It is therefore crucial to understand how to effectively produce content that will keep one’s resume in the “keep” pile.

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Personal Branding

Personal branding is simple: it is how one presents oneself in-person, online, and otherwise, and it is how one is thought of and remembered by other people.

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Presentation Giving

Researching in advance, telling stories, being concise, and using professional visuals are all keys to exceptional presentation giving.

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Public Speaking

Even those to whom speaking in front of an audience seems to come naturally often overlook the most crucial elements of exceptional public speaking.

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Adaptability, Work Ethic, and Time Management

Mastering the ability to manage time, maintain work ethic, and adapt to important changes can pose a tremendous challenge.

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Conducting Meetings and Negotiations

Ensuring the success of meetings and professional conversations requires tact and skill.

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Business and Professional Writing

Successful writing techniques can propel careers in the right direction, regardless of the industry.

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Conflict Resolution and Team Dynamics

Conflict happens when individuals have different opinions, feel disrespected or not listened to, or mistake other’s intentions.

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Effective Communication

Effective communication is a critical skill set for both leaders and team members alike.

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Effective Leadership

Learn more about the critical goals that define and shape exceptional leadership.

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